A Transformational Studio


All of our services are architectural and include planning and interiors. Buildings that we design, restore, expand, or re-purpose are informed by the planning and their interior content. We implement and deliver results that are sustainable healthy environments, on-time, on-budget, and exceed the vision & program of our clients.


Planning encompasses many facets of our work. We evaluate sites, assets, and opportunities. We build teams that produce actionable results. We develop land use, master planning, and jurisdictional strategies that produce roadmaps for development, acquisition, budgeting, and tenant work.


Workplace transformation is guiding the return to office trends. We developed many of the basic ideas of universal space, hoteling, place sharing, results oriented facilities, ergonomic & changeable furnishings, healthy & sustainable spaces, future of work needs; and how to address the change of the organization. We also execute the unique challenges of hospitality, retail, and residential.

What's New

Lady Liberty Enlightening the World

During my internship at Swanke Hayden Connell Architects in DC, I was privileged to be part of the team working on the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. I was the Liaison to the National Park Service and at times our French team. Thierry Despond, the Parisienne Architect, taught me the value of Transformational Architecture. The Flame of Liberty that Bartholdi had conceived was to be a solid copper form. Repeated attempts to make it a brighter beacon resulted in leaking and deterioration. This was solved by being faithful to Bartholdi's original concept; solid copper, gilded in gold, illuminated from the exterior. “Original ideas are transformational too”.

- Yves B Springuel AiA